Off Highway Power Train Remote Diagnostics

First ever telematics solution catered for off- highway powertrain systems in India, that uses a hardware to receive data from the TCU and sends it to the cloud.

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A telematics solution like no other

Over The Air Update (FOTA)

The telematic device supports firmware update over the air which is of immense use when it comes to addition of features as well as resolution of issues that are identified in the field.


Real Time Data

Data is sent in real time to the cloud for continuous monitoring and logging. This will help in identifying the cause of the issue and abuse of the system for warranty claims.


Data Analytics

The data recorded in the cloud can be used for prognostics and predictive maintenance. Diagnosis of any probable issue before its occurrence will help in reducing the down time.


Plug and Play

The device will come with a harness and connectors customised for each vehicle. As soon as the device is plugged into the vehicle, it goes online.


External Serial Support

The system shall have an external serial port that can be used to connect to the SCI bus of any TCU.


Scalability and Modularity

The solution is easily scalable in thousands. Modularity of the solution enables the customization of all the features and its intelligence.


GPS (Optional)

The system is equipped with a GPS module which can be used as per the custom requirement of the customer.

How does it work ?
Communication Protocol
Beautiful interface to monitor data remotely.
Off Highway
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