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Driverless cars, virtual reality surgery, smart AI assistants — these innovations are no longer science fiction. Technology is evolving to meet our needs and rising to the challenges of our changing world. Brigosha is aiding in meeting those challenges.

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Autonomous and electric cars, connectivity, and ridesharing, customers have more intricate technological needs than ever.

Here at brigosha we are working towards meeting those needs, meanwhile focusing on the next gen of automotive ecosystem.

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What we do ?
IoT at play in Brigosha
Expertise in designing end to end solutions(hardware and software) to bring human and machines together.
Diagnostics and predictive maintenance with telematic solutions for passenger and off highway vehicles.
AI enabled Fleet Management solution for two/four wheelers.
Automotive - Mobility is our foundation
Driver Assistance ~ Active Safety ~ Passive Safety ~ Smart Steering ~ Infotainment is not enough to define our automotive capabilities.
Connected Cars drives Brigosha automotive vantage to the future.
We are a community
Social integration, well-being and connected associates are pride to Brigosha.
Quality, Velocity and Innovation is our DNA
We challenge status quo to set new benchmarks in work culture.
Our target
Focused on community building and expanding globally.
Our mission is to set the trend in industry through integrity, quality, velocity and innovation with ethics and values.