An organization driven by firm determination and shared vision of its associates

With varied experience in the field of Automotive hardware & software development, Brigosha provides services to leading MNC's in Automotive industry. Brigosha is known for agile development with quality & time assurances

With strong technical team in the field of embedded systems design & development, Brigosha works on Telemetry Products with prime focus on Automotive & Solar industry

Automotive Solutions

We have extensive experience in developing real time complex solutions for our customers in the area of automotive embedded systems.

Algorithm Development

Brigosha has a highly skilled team which expertise in solving problems that requires deep thought and insight. We provide efficient and innovative algorithms for problems in vast domains.

Internet of Things

We at Brigosha are involved in research and development of solutions and products in the area of Internet of Things(IoT).

Vehicle Telematics

Telematics is a combination of the telecommunication and Informatics. Telematics, in a broad sense, is any integrated use of telecommunication with information and communication technology.

"BRIGOSHA continues to innovate in response to a fast changing world, I am convinced that it will remain the material of choice, as a durable, versatile, renewable resource that plays a central role in a sustainable growth of our Clients and create value for all our stakeholders in process."

Author Brijesh Singh Chief Executive Officer


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